Here’s a small list of “tracks” to some of our favorite sites – either ours, friends, or places that we think might be helpful to you on your adventure. Please check them out!

Lucas Forge
This is the website of another member of the team who makes custom hunting knives. We think he’s pretty cool. He has so many options to choose from and does beautiful work! He also sells fire starters and Windy Ridge wax finish! Hope you’ll check it out!

Tiny Ranch
Tiny Ranch is an online collection of many articles related to homesteading, whether on a large acreage or in a tiny backyard! We hope you’ll check it out!

Wisemen Trading and Supply
Wisemen Trading is a business located in North Alabama, offering many, many products for the outdoorspeople, homesteaders, and campers. They sell things like Wetterling Axes, Fermentation/Pickling Supplies, Water Filters, Outdoor Cooking Supplies, and much more!