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Living in the country, you really get a feel for some of the supplies and equipment that are needed for every day, back-home living. Or, if you’re an adventurer, there are just certain things like a knife, a compact hatchet, a fire tinder pouch, or a backpack, that you might find useful. Or, if you’re an urban shopper, you may see the need for a small purse, a coupon organizer, or a large bag as tools for your every day business.

We’re tickled that you found the online headquarters of Ike’s Outfitters! We are a small community of crafters, who are all interested in producing natural, high-quality, very useable, every day items that are made locally for our neighbors. We live on a small homestead in the rural South where we create, learn, and love. Meet the folks!

Ike’s main leather business at this time is supplying custom knife sheaths for Lucas Forge Handmade Knives. A lot of the pouches and bags that you’ll see on here are also made by Ike. He does a beautiful job!

Al’s specialty is wallets! He makes beautiful men’s leather wallets, all cut and stitched by hand and oiled for ready use. Al has also fabricated a couple men’s leather belts. Stay tuned to see if we might have some for sale in the future…

Kathleen is such a supporter here at Ike’s! Her specialties include mystery braids, cute leather coasters, and pouches made from buttery-soft deer skin.

Maggie does a beautiful job with fabric sewing and we now offer several of her historical men’s vests! A lot of the pictures on our website were taken by Maggie and she does a beautiful job (she also takes the pictures and manages the website for Lucas Forge Handmade Knives)!

MJ makes all of the leather dog collars. Each collar is stitched by hand and we have several different styles to choose from. MJ also runs most of the computer end of things, as well as customer service for Ike’s Outfitters.


Just for fun, it’s been noted in product descriptions who is the maker. Please visit the shop to see handmade leather bags, cowboy action vests, handmade leather dog collars, leather bracelets, and lots more quality-crafted items. Thank you for stopping by! We look forward to hearing from you: contact@ikesoutfitters.com! 🙂

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