For the leather pet accessories that your furry friend deserves, we now present to you MJ’s leather dog collar creations! Keep your eye on this page, as you just never know when new products will be added! She mostly uses veg-tan (unless otherwise noted), various hardware, and strong thread for her hand-stitching. All the stitching has been done by hand, using lots of backstitching for good strength and durability. Please do check your dog’s neck measurement!

Below are some of the collars that MJ has for sale.


Medium Oiled Leather Dog Collar with Brass Hardware

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This dog collar is made of a quality leather strap and features a solid brass heel-bar buckle and dee ring and a leather end keeper.

This collar has been oiled for outdoor use and to prevent excess water damage. But, the oil also gives this collar an amazing, beautiful antiqued-finish look.

Neck Measurement/Breed Suggestions: dogs with 13-16-inch neck measurements, such as  Corgi, Greyhound, Pit Bull, Pug or Standard Poodles. It has lots of holes for adjustment. Contact us if you have any questions!


Large Black Dog Collar w/Nickel-Plated Hardware

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This leather dog collar is cut to length, dyed, beveled, stitched, oiled – by hand. The hardware on this one includes a nickel-plated buckle and dee-ring (it also has a belt keeper), and the leather is dyed a black, though there’s a touch of leather color showing through on the edges (see picture).

Neck Measurement: dogs with neck measurements of about 20 to 24 inches, with a little extra for adjustment (it’s a big one!). Contact us if you have any questions.


Small Pink Dog Collar with Nickel-Plated Hardware

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This collar is made from a ¾-inch wide leather, cowhide strip, that’s been dyed with a pink-ish finish. It features a nickel-plated heel-bar buckle, a dee ring and a leather belt keeper, all stitched in place, using Maine-made thread.

This collar is also stitched down the length of it, for an attractive and quite fancy appeal. Again, this part is also hand-sewn.

Neck Measurement/Breed Suggestions: dogs with a neck measurement of about 11-14-inches, such as Shih Tzu, Mini Schnauzer, Jack Russell Terrier, or a larger Chihuahua. Please contact us if you have any questions!


Write to MJ through to inquire about our custom leather dog collars (or even to ask about a custom cat collar!)! You can also visit our Etsy shop to custom order a collar there: Also, check out Ike’s leather leads while you’re over there! Thank you for your interest and support! Have a nice day!