Windy Ridge

Leather Finish, Leather Polish, Leather Preserver, Metal Finish, Leather Oil, Oil for Leather Boots, Oil for Leather Bags

The folks around here are pretty excited about Windy Ridge! Formulated by Kathleen, based on field-testing by the crew, it protects steels from rust, softens and renews leather, and protects and preserves woods – making it ideal for use on all your wildcrafting implements.

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You can rub in right into the wooden handle of your camp axe or knife, you can put it all over the steel blade of a knife to protect it from rust, and if your leather wallet, bag, or boots are looking worn, just work them over with Windy Ridge and they’ll come back to life.

Leather Finish, Windy Ridge Wax, Lucas Forge, Ike's Outfitters, Finish for Wooden Handles, Finish for Steel Blades, Leather Salve

Made with a specialty blend of wax and oil, so that it’s all-natural and skin-safe, too! Comes in a 2-ounce tin with a classy label on the front. Easy to pack with you anywhere! $12.00, plus shipping for a tin of Windy Ridge wax.